Artificial Intelligence for CPG Brands & Retailers

Kuona is an intelligent platform that automatically optimizes product prices, promotions and inventories

Artificial Intelligence to be one step ahead of the competition

Kuona Insights

Instant processing and visualization of big data
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Perfect Order

Assortment optimization by POS based on demand predictions
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Competitive Intelligence

Automatic and real time price and promotion monitoring
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Trade Promotion Optimization (TPO)

Artificial Intelligence for Insights, Automatic Post-Mortem, and Trade Promotion Optimization.
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The power of a thousand brains

The power and precision of a thousand brains in seconds

Kuona uses neural network technology that performs millions of iterations and scenarios to achieve predictions above 97%% of accuracy.

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Kuona Advantages

From data integration to final recommendation

Kuona is a vertical solution that goes from automatic data integration and extraction to the final recommendation. Kuona generates beautiful dashboards, prioritizes opportunities, processes huge quantities of data, predicts demand and optimizes pricing, promotions and sales orders.

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