Price & Promotion Optimization

Planning better promotional activities and having optimal prices is now possible

Capture the maximum value of your price and promotional activities. Kuona Price & Promotion Optimization allows you to calculate the real performance of your historical and current activities and optimize future ones.


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Get the ROI (post-mortems) on all your pricing activities.

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Simulate future pricing and promotions

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Optimize pricing and find recommendations of products to promote and where.

Main Features

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Promotions Performance

  • Automatic documentation of historical promotions with analysis of results in terms of volume, revenue, profitability, ROI, cannibalization, elasticity, customer coverage and impact on the rest of the portfolio.
  • Daily monitoring of results with reports and indicators.
  • Kuona adapts its dashboards and tools to the different S&Op processes (for instance with price curve and profitability tools).
  • Tools that improve analysis with customer granularity.
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Promotion Simulation and Recommendation

  • Sales scenarios with and without promotion to evaluate effects on volume, profitability and investment.
  • Consideration of customer groups depending on the business and the intention of the promotion.
  • Recommendation of which products to promote and at what price depending on the goal (maximizing revenue, volume, profitability)
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  • Price analysis tools such as price curves between packages and channel comparisons
  • Analysis and definition of optimal pricing structures.
  • Generation of price increase scenarios with restrictions. Create scenarios of profitability and sales volume in order to plan price increases.
  • Optimization of price increase objectives: Volume, Sales or Profitability.
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  • Libraries of different elasticities (price, promotion, cross-price, complementary) per item for different customers in order to optimize the use of the promotional budget.
  • Visualization and downloadable reports to facilitate analysis.
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  • Automatic segmentation of customers using Artificial Intelligence to consider the most important variables that affect both pricing and promotional activities.
  • Ability to use these clusters in the simulation and post-mortem tools in order to focus activities on the customers that generate more value.
  • Powerful visualization tools to facilitate decision making.

Kuona Advantages

From data integration to final recommendation

Kuona is a vertical solution that goes from automatic data integration and extraction to the final recommendation. Kuona generates beautiful dashboards, prioritizes opportunities, processes huge quantities of data, predicts demand and optimizes pricing, promotions and sales orders.

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