Perfect Order

Using Artificial Intelligence to create the optimal sales order

Kuona Perfect Order creates the optimal sales order that increases sales, diminishes merchandise returns and out of stocks per point of sale


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Forecasting sales demand prediction per POS and SKU

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Integration to the Supply chain at all levels

Main Features

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Perfect Order

  • Optimal sales order for each point of sale based on Artificial Intelligence models that consider sales history, promotional activities and external factors like competition, weather, events, location, proximity of other POS’s, sociodemographic factors among others.
  • Sales order Visualization in Kuona’s Dashboards or direct integration to sales reps PDA’s or handhelds.
  • Forecasting at different levels that are applicable to manufacturing, logistics and sales departments.
  • Suggestion of new items to be ordered based on customers with similar purchasing behavior.
  • KPI Dashboards to visualize changes on inventories, shortages and merchandise returns.
  • Tracking Dashboards for CPFR’s
  • Integration with Purchase orders of retailers and suppliers.
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Optimal Assortment

  • Optimal product portfolio for different levels (national, regional and per specific store)
  • Mix management: portfolio optimization considering demand and the profitability of the products
  • Suggestions of products to be discontinued
  • Customer clusterization for portfolio optimization
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Sales Objective Optimization

  • Forecast generation by POS that optimizes sales objectives and contests.
  • Artificial intelligence that determines the potential of each customer or group of customers in order to set the optimal sales objectives.
  • Follow-up dashboards for different types of users.
  • Periodic reports with insights regarding sales contests.

Kuona Advantages

From data integration to final recommendation

Kuona is a vertical solution that goes from automatic data integration and extraction to the final recommendation. Kuona generates beautiful dashboards, prioritizes opportunities, processes huge quantities of data, predicts demand and optimizes pricing, promotions and sales orders.

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