Kuona Insights

The fastest technology in Big Data processing and Forecasting for appropriate decision making.

Kuona processes large amounts of data automatically to generate insights, opportunities and an accurate forecast of demand.


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Data extraction and visualization

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Sales Forecasting

Prioritization of lost revenue opportunities

Main Features

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Insights feed

  • Out of stock and low inventory opportunity prioritization
  • Lost sales opportunity prioritization
  • Granular Insight analysis: From country level to individual store level
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Sales tracker

  • A.I. Sales prediction
  • Data visualization and forecasting of the whole operation to sales per item per store per day.
  • Granular Sales analysis: From country level to individual store level sales per item
  • Data assembly and standardization

Kuona Advantages

From data integration to final recommendation

Kuona is a vertical solution that goes from automatic data integration and extraction to the final recommendation. Kuona generates beautiful dashboards, prioritizes opportunities, processes huge quantities of data, predicts demand and optimizes pricing, promotions and sales orders.

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